Going out of business sale July 02 2022

Everything is changing.  Honda is cancelling Goldwing production. This year will be the last Wing Ding.  So I've decided to sell out my remaining inventory and close down.  So, if you've been thinking about getting one and haven't done it now is the time before they all run out.  And if you have one and have been thinking about getting a Zumo better get your adaptors now.

I really appreciate all my customers and wish everyone all the best in the future.


PayPal has changed their policy updates June 28 2022

PayPal will now be charging 3.49% for any transactions involving " goods or services".  So it might be cheaper to use a credit card or debit card to make your purchase.

Price Increase February 13 2022

I've held off doing this as long as I could, however due to increased material costs, supply chain interruptions, and other reasons.  I've had to increase my pricing.


Moving June 22 2020

I'm moving this week so after today for a little while, shipping might be a little slow.  Please bear with me.


Shipping September 02 2019

Forgive me if the shipping is a little slow right now, we're experiencing some bad weather that might affect shipping.

Just a cat 5 Hurricane... 

The inventory is in. May 11 2018

I know I ran low on inventory lately, however the new stock is in.


Inventory March 29 2018

I know the inventory is running low, I have more in the works and they'll be done soon. Keep checking back.


SHIPPING COST March 29 2018

If you've been to the website recently and quit the checkout because of the shipping cost. I wanted you to know that I've fixed the page.  Thanks again to customer feedback who let me know about the problem.


Garmin 17mm round ball mounts February 27 2018

Garmin's new 17mm round ball mounts now have a new adapter that will match up to the face plate of my mount if its mounted diagonally.  This opens up all the new models to be able to attach to the ez-gpsmount.  The part number is APAMPS17MM and it looks like this.

Vacation September 27 2017

I'm leaving on vacation the last week of September and won't be back until the second week of October.  Any orders received during that time will be delivered when I return.


Garmin 2689lmt Ram cradle March 28 2017

Ram does not make a cradle for the newer style Nuvi models with the round disk in the back like the 2689lmt.  I'm sure there are other models that fall under this category but I don't have a list of them.  The best thing to do before buying my mount is to research your model GPS and be certain that Ram makes a cradle for it before placing your order.  Your cradle should look like the one below.

Ram Cradle

Vacation October 05 2016

I'm leaving Friday to go on vacation to the smokeys for a week.

Any orders received during that time will ship out when I return.