Aftermarket Windshield Vents November 17 2014

It's come to my attention that some of the aftermarket windshield vents don't have the same hole pattern in the top. The holes are smaller and narrower than the standard Honda vent. I'm going to look into this, and may have to create another model for aftermarket vents.

Vent Mount Inventory Status October 23 2014

Picked up the first run of vent mounts today.

First Run of Vent Mounts Complete October 22 2014

The first run are finished, I'm picking them up tomorrow. Those of you who chose the "pick-up" option can get them either tomorrow evening, or at the ride Saturday.

Powdercoating the First-Run October 20 2014

First run complete, at powdercoat, should be done soon. I'll let you know when the inventory is in. 

The second run will be for the Zumo-type GPS mounts.

Email me if you'd like one of these so I know how many to order.