Garmin 17mm round ball mounts May 08 2017

Garmin's new 17mm round ball mounts now have a new adapter that will match up to the face plate of my mount if its mounted diagonally.  This opens up all the new models to be able to attach to the ez-gpsmount.  The part number is APAMPS17MM and it looks like this.

Garmin 2689lmt Ram cradle March 28 2017

Ram does not make a cradle for the newer style Nuvi models with the round disk in the back like the 2689lmt.  I'm sure there are other models that fall under this category but I don't have a list of them.  The best thing to do before buying my mount is to research your model GPS and be certain that Ram makes a cradle for it before placing your order.  Your cradle should look like the one below.

Ram Cradle

Vacation October 05 2016

I'm leaving Friday to go on vacation to the smokeys for a week.

Any orders received during that time will ship out when I return.


European Distributor September 07 2016

We are proud to announce our new association with our new European distributor.  Customers who live in Europe should visit their website.

Vacation June 01 2016

I'll be on vacation from June 4-12 . Any orders during that time will ship out after the 12th.  Thank you.


Riding the Daytona Loop video April 20 2016

I added a new video where I'm riding the Daytona Loop.  The cloud cover and shade from the trees allows you to see the screen better than my earlier video's .  Enjoy


p.s. sorry about the smudge...

3 new video's with the new version November 07 2015

I uploaded 3 new videos to youtube today.

2 of the video's are just riding around town and the last one is in the country where I ran the bike up to highway speed and beyond a steady 80 mph to 100 mph in the straight stretches. 

This should give you a good representation of what you can expect from my product with the standard 5" Garmin Nuvi.

Here are the links

New Lower price and inventory item June 11 2015

The new inventory is here, including a new model with the faceplate turned down for more clearance with the larger 7" GPS models or to give you more sight room above the GPS.  Also note the new lower price.  I'm always looking for ways to give you the best product at a fair price.  I used the standard images because I haven't taken new pictures of the new product line.  I'll update the picture when I get that done.


New videos April 13 2015

I shot some videos of the EZ-GPS Mount at highway speeds to give you an idea of the performance.  I ran the bike up to 80 for a bit to let you see how stable it is.

The next video takes you down some back country roads.


Universal adaptor March 26 2015

The new universal adaptor is out.  This will accept virtually all Zumo models and some TomTom models.  The 550 & 650 models have the long hole pattern horizontal.  The 350 & 390 models have the long hole pattern vertical.  This adaptor accepts both models and many more, to many to list here.

Honda 1500 vents March 26 2015

Some aftermarket vents have the same hole pattern as the Honda 1500 vents.  The holes are smaller and closer together.  This would require using a dremmel tool to lengthen the two outside holes to accept the mount. However its come to my attention that the 1500 vent's attachment at the top is not as stable as the 1800 Hondaline vent.  I would suggest that if you wish to use the EZ-GPSMount you upgrade to the 1800 vent.  The hole size for the 1800 vent is larger than the 1500 vent so the windshield will have to be modified to fit the 1800 vent. This will provide you with the best possible performance from your EZ-GPSMount.

The Garmin Zumo adaptors are in February 11 2015

The Garmin Zumo adaptors are in. So those of you with the Zumo mount that have been waiting can get yours now.  The adaptors fit the Zumo cradle with the 4 hole pattern and some TomTom models with the diagonal diamond shaped bolting pattern.  Great for upgrading from the Garmin Nuvi Gps to the Garmin Zumo.

EZ-GPSMount Zumo adaptors